Inbound Call Tracking And Analytics Can Increase E-commerce Sales

The Internet has changed the way how businesses target their customers. E-commerce has paved the way for better sales and marketing and reaching out to mass market from a single location. While a considerable number of customers tend to carry out their purchases online, there are many who prefer calling the store before sealing the deal. When a user visits e-commerce store there are many ways to track the visitor behavior cookies, heat maps, click tracking and many more. But when the same customer makes a phone call most online stores seem to fall out of place. Very few small and medium businesses make use of call tracking technology to derive information about the caller. This is a big loss and affects the conversion rate of an e-commerce store rate.

Call Tracking

This is where Call Tracking Metrics is so important in today competitive world of e-commerce. You need to opt for call tracking and analytics integration to create the perfect synergy between your online store and your phone (customer support). Without this tracking service, you have no idea what products the customer was looking for, and you need to fire a volley of questions to them. Asking these questions to the caller is similar to asking them to fill up an online form which none of us like. Thus when you already know what the customer has been looking for, there are better chances that you can seal the deal. Learn more about 
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Easy Integration

The call tracking technology can easily be integrated with Google Analytics which you might already be using to track viewership on your website. This allows you to track call volume against web traffic and conversions. You will be able to filter the tracking results by campaign, phone number and call source and know what converts to increase your sales! Apart from this, you will also be able to track what keywords the caller used to find you, measure the length of the call and the pages that they viewed before and after the phone call takes place. Compare this to the traditional method where the only thing that you could do was make an educated guess or ask the customers related and unrelated questions, and you can surely know the advantages that we are talking.

Call tracking solution also offers you a live dashboard where you can get information on some things such as call duration, the activity of the agents. All the inbound and outbound calls can be recorded for analysis which helps in improving the quality and increase the conversion rate. A good solution will also send email notifications of the calls to the concerned persons, that includes data on the received and missed calls and also voicemail messages if the caller leaves any. The best information  
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While there are some call tracking solutions available in the market not all allow call tracking and analytics integration.